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The Little Taunus Bookshop
Ordering Service for Schools

What once started out as a quaint little bookshop in Oberursel has now become a full-service ordering service for schools all over Germany. Over the time it became obvious that many schools, especially international or bilingual ones, wanted more than just someone ordering and delivering books. They want service, consultation, recommendations - not just generic lists, but information tailored to their needs. Many regular bookshops cannot deliver such a full service because of the time and dedication it takes and which cannot be provided in addition to the daily business of a bookshop.

The Little Taunus Bookshop is successfully working together with several schools, offering them a highly personalized service they will not easily find anywhere else. Naturally, I can order school books and books for the school library, just like any other bookshop can. I work with wholesalers in Germany, the UK, Finland and the US and of course am always able to set up new connections to ensure that all our customers can get the schoolbooks best for their program and their students.

Still, good service means far more than ordering books swiftly, reliably and for fair prices. So apart from doing that, I specialize in personalized recommendations for school or class libraries - both for German and English books. You name the age group(s), the preferred topics or just ask for the most popular titles and I'll send you detailed suggestions, tailored to your wishes. You tell me what topics will be taught in your classes during the next months and I give you suggestions for secondary reading about those topics for your school library. This can save you amazing amounts of time while ensuring that your students have the most popular and current books in both fiction and non-fiction. If you want to keep updated on what is new and hot on the children's and young adult's book market, I will be pleased to send you regular updates with book recommendations.

So, to sum up, what can I do for you? A lot:

- Ordering schoolbooks and books for your library from Germany, other European countries and the USA
- Fair prices due to getting books delivered directly from the UK and the USA
- Book recommendations and book research for the school library, also in coordination with curriculum topics
- Regular book recommendations, if wanted
- Recommendations for books and games that make learning English easier and more pleasant for children
- Free delivery of ordered books

Need to set up a whole new library (German or English) or a new section? I have helped new schools to set up their libraries - from making detailed suggestions to getting the books there. Every librarian knows how much time it saves to get competent suggestions that can be relied upon.

If you are interested in my services for your school, just contact me and I will be happy to stop by and discuss personalized options. Indulge in some really exceptional service.